Rollitos de pepino rellenos de langostinos con AOVE  Frasca Roseta.

Cucumber rolls stuffed with prawns with Frasca Roseta EVOO.

Today our friend Ana has prepared this incredible, easy and fresh recipe:
With the heat it doesn't feel like lighting the fire, that's why today I'm bringing you a super colorful, rich and refreshing dish: cucumber rolls stuffed with tuna, shrimp and mayonnaise seasoned with our aviary extra virgin olive oil.


-2 cans of drained tuna
-6/7 cooked prawns
-Aove Aviary 1490


-Using a peeler we cut very fine strips of cucumber.

-Crush the prawns, add the tuna and mayonnaise, mix until everything is very well integrated.

-Form the rolls by filling them with the mixture.

-Aligned with a splash of oil and oregano.
Take advantage !
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