Flores de alcachofa con Jamón serrano

Artichoke flowers with Serrano ham

our friends from @comidadediez They have prepared this easy and quick recipe that you should try it yes or yes.

Artichokes are a seasonal product and we have to take advantage of them now that they are tender and tasty to make spectacular dishes, these are the ingredients you need:


🥣 Ingredients (4 p)🥣

🌱 8 artichokes 
🍖 Serrano ham shavings
🥃 Virgin olive oil extra ecological 1490
🍋 Half lemon 
🧂 Salt flakes



▫️ We peel the artichokes. We remove the tough outer leaves, cut the stem and the tips of the leaves. This way we will get the hearts of the artichokes. While we peel them, we are placing them in a bowl with cold water and lemon juice, so they do not rust.

Cook the hearts of the artichokes in plenty of water and a pinch of salt for approximately 8-9 minutes, so that they do not overcook and allow the flowers to form, and let them cool.

With the help of our hands, we form the artichoke flowers, opening the leaves very carefully one by one.

Cook the artichoke flowers upside down with a splash of oil until lightly browned. Then, we turn them and cook a few more minutes so that the base also browns. We serve with a few shavings of serrano ham, flaky salt and a splash of 1490 oil.


To enjoy!

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