Ensalada de judias blancas con Aove Hojiblanca (Frasca Bluu)

White bean salad.

A delicious and fresh way to eat legumes 😋

At home we love this salad on hot days, it is super easy to make, very simple, and like many of the vegetable dishes, it gains flavor the next day, vIt is great to keep in the fridge and eat when there is no time to cook.


We recommend making it with white beans from a can, well washed, to which we add:

-Very finely chopped tomato and pepper, this time we have added a piece of zucchini that we had in the fridge.

- Onion, also very finely chopped and soaked for 10-15 minutes in water with salt and vinegar to remove the itching.

- Tuna or some other canned fish, such as sardines or tuna.

- Salt and spices to taste, for example pepper, turmeric, garlic powder,... Or a splash of vinegar, if you like.

- Good extra virgin olive oil, this time we have used our EVOO Hojiblanca , which gives it an incredible touch.

Of course you can add the legumes and ingredients that you like the most, there are endless delicious combinations.


Long live rich legume salads!


Recipe and images courtesy of:  @cookingphotographs

Laura Adurriz

Ayyy mira, justo ayer me llegó mi frasca bluu, la voy a inaugurar con esta recetita. GRACIASSSS.

Ismael Ruiz

Una receta salva vidas, súper rápida, nutritiva y saludable, gracias por compartir estas recetas, animan a uno a volver a hacerse cositas después del verano.

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