Entrevista  a José Miguel Sánchez de Puerta López, Co Fundador de 1490.

Interview with José Miguel Sánchez de Puerta López, Co-Founder of 1490.

In just two years, the company from Cordoba 1490 Deco & Deli has incorporated more than 70 products to its portfolio, whose main marketing channel is the Internet.

1490 Deco & Deli began its journey two years ago with the commercialization of extra virgin olive oil in which they mix the family tradition regarding the production process with the modernity of its packaging.

What has been the market response?

In 2018 when the company was born I found a document in old castilian in my grandfather's office, which was a lease dated 1490 for the estate my family owns in La Rambla which established the limits of the property. Hence a part of the name of the company, which I started with my partner Pedro Miguel Lopez. We saw that there are not many brands of oil in Spain that give importance to foreign countries and have a higher price due to their higher R&D content, as the Italians do. We wanted to take advantage of that space. In May 2019 we opened our first store, on Calle Deanes, in the historic center of Córdoba.



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