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¿Tu primera compra? Celebrémoslo


    1490 conquers Germany with its designs and the quality of its products.

    1490 conquista Alemania con sus diseños y la calidad de sus productos.



    the young cordovan company 1490  has done it again, this time in the German capital winning two awards at the Berlin Global Olive Awards, in front of more than a thousand candidates from all over the world, winning the first Platinum prize for the quality of its organic oil with its galley bottle, an award-winning and widely recognized EVOO around the world (with more than 13 awards), it has also presented in society its Roseta bottle, a bottle with a very current pink color, playing on the border between decoration and gastronomy, obtaining the gold award for its spectacular design.

    For those who still do not know the brand, 1490 Deco & Deli, is a project led by two young entrepreneurs from Cordoba, their brand encompasses all kinds of crafts made in ceramics and olive wood with their own exclusive designs.


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