Tulips bowl (medium) - 1490 Deco&Deli

Tulips bowl (medium)

9,90 IVA incluido

This unique 1490 ceramic bowl is ideal for decorating your table. Its design of hand-painted blue tulips makes it a unique piece.

Medium size.


Our ceramics come from La Rambla, a town in Cordoba where our farm is also located, it is one of the most traditional pottery cities in the world for centuries.

With exclusive designs limited by season. We have been inspired by the light and color of our Andalusia, as well as, in our desire to eliminate plastic as much as possible from all our products, we joined the ¨More Clay, less plastic ”movement, using and promoting the use of ceramics instead of harmful plastic, recovering the artisan, as in the past and doing our bit to create a better world.

Size: 7 x 15 cm

Weight: 200g

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 cm

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