Tapeo Cordobés

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Among our gourmet gift baskets “Cordobesa Dinner” includes: Frasca Galera, Plato Galera, Aceitunas Gordales, Queso reserva Dados y Regañás.


Among our gourmet gift baskets “Cordobesa Dinner” includes:

  • Flasca Galera
  • Galley plate
  • Gordales olives
  • Dice reserve cheese
  • “Regañas”

“Cordobesa Dinner” contains a careful selection of 100% Cordovan products, such as our crown jewel, the Flasca Galera, one of the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world, with more than 8 international awards, both for its taste and image, passing by our famous cured goat cheese in juicy taquitos, or our majestic gordal olive with our unique dressing and, of course, a 1490 ceramic plate hand-painted to match the bottle. Try them, they are the ideal gift!


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