Japanese olive wood chopsticks

11,90 IVA incluido

Our artisans work with care to create all kinds of pieces, with impressive aesthetics and durability, without a doubt a bet for the future and ecological, since with its promotion we eliminate the use of plastic and reuse olive wood once its stage is finished productive.


The olive tree is one of the oldest trees that exist, it accompanies the human being from its beginnings, today there are olive trees with more than 3000 years old, their wood is highly appreciated for its qualities, it is a very beautiful wood, with an elegant grain, hard but easy to carve.

Our artisans work with care to create these Japanese olive wood chopsticks, with impressive aesthetics and durability, undoubtedly a future and ecological bet, since with their promotion we eliminate the use of other materials and reuse olive wood a once its productive stage is finished.


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