The haute couture and the obtaining of an extra virgin olive oil Premium are artistic expressions in their purest style and both are created as sensory experiences with infinite nuances.


This porcelain bottle, designed entirely by Palomo Spain, is a collector’s item inspired by its 1916 collection, presented at New York Fashion Week: MEN’S and whose leitmotiv brings the spirit of the Russian Ballets of Serguéi Diáguilev and the deep Spain of early twentieth century. The design, embedded with gold and a ball cap in homage to the bottles of cognac of that era, has a finish inspired by one of the original prints of the collection, forming lava tears as when olive oil and water come in contact.

In honour of the date that are documented the first records of our farm, Fuente de la Rosa, date back to 1490, 1490 units have been created, all of them personalized and unique. This experience, created between Palomo Spain and 1490, is originated by its emotional link with their native town Cordoba, from its roots in a literal and figurative sense, and is presented as an artistic expression in itself, both for the continent and for the content.

This limited edition comes formed with a selected hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil. Fruity green very complex in nose, and with an elegant high intensity. Predominating fresh grass, apple, and green banana. There is also a background of aromatic plants, tomato and nuts. On the palate its entrance is sweet, very pleasant, slightly bitter and somewhat spicier, persistent flavour and balanced aftertaste reminiscent of green almond.