Olive Oil, Bread and wine makes a genuine Mediterranean trinity


Our family, Sanchez de Puerta still preserves old Castilian deeds of Fuente La Rosa. This land belongs to our family since 1492. Fertile lands placed in the South of Cordoba province, bordering with lands belonging to Calatrava Order.

At close dates and distance, Christophe Columbus admiral, left Cordoba after an agreement with Catholic Kings Isabel and Fernando, to sail the unknown world and cross the world to find new paths to prosperous and welcome Indian lands.

Admiral brings a little treasure on the boat, singular and unique olive oil from it’s Cordoba land, the fruit of the trees of the old Andalusian land.

Such an olives fruit keep the essence of Andalucia on this world changer adventure, a piece of our Andalusian land in the New World crossing the Atlantic first time ever.