History - 1490 Deco&Deli

Our history
is part of our country’s history

The title deeds for the sale of our farm, Hacienda Fuente de la Rosa, written in old Spanish, date back to the year 1490.
These fertile lands, in the heart of the Cordoba countryside, are steeped in history. The farm shares a boundary with the old estates of the Order of Calatrava, and the earliest records mention a tithe of olive oil which was imposed on the two properties.
In 1490, Admiral Christopher Columbus, who had close links to the Order of Calatrava and was sponsored by the crown of Castile, was preparing his momentous voyage which was about to change the course of human history.
At the same time, the olive oil farm owners were planning the arduous task of loading on board a cargo of our precious olive oil, together with other foodstuffs like ham and cheeses and of course, wine, to liven up those long nights out at sea, on the way to what they thought would be ‘the Indies’, but which turned out to be a new continent: America.

The food supply for the voyage was gathered by the Order of Calatrava, and they requisitioned the best produce from the Córdoban countryside. Finally, off the admiral sailed the admiral depart from Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), aboard his flagship the Santa María leading the Niña and the Pinta, determined to sight new lands, unaware that his voyage would reveal a new world and ensure him everlasting fame.